MCO 2.0 Malaysia: Tips for working from home

After almost a year of living with the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re still nowhere close to beating it. As we head into MCO 2.0 Malaysia (the Movement Control Order (MCO) is now implemented for all states across Malaysia, except Sarawak), our lives will, again, get disrupted with the lockdown. With the new SOP for MCO Malaysia 2021, many businesses are not allowed to open, so the majority of us are forced to work from home, again.

1. Designate a drawer per person
With everyone having their own drawer, I can literally scoop each person’s belongings into their individual drawers at the end of the night. No sorting required.

2. Create a schedule for device use
High school kids typically have their own devices and primary school kids, at this point, only need them for specific areas of their learning.

3. Create a partition
I suggest you buy a room divider.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the options you’ll find in your search engine at the moment. If budget allows, opt for something you love, that can easily be repurposed for when our shared working situation is no more.

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